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Personalised Engraved Pens

Made from aluminium or stainless-steel barrels, choose between ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pens, all filled with black ink to give your writing the finish it deserves. All our pens come in their own gift box tied with an elegant ribbon and are refillable.

Multiple Colours Available

  • Parker Pen
  • Parker Fountain
  • Pentel

Choose from a range of different colours, depending on your choice of personalised pen.

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Personalised & Engraved Pens

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Forget all your common plastic pens which end up being chewed or lost, and instead, choose a premium, high quality pen which can be personalised with a name or custom text.

Our classic yet elegant engraved pens are the perfect gift for any occasion, such as a milestone birthday celebration, a business meeting, a retirement celebration, or simply to someone who writes a lot!

Personalised Name Pens

You can customise the engraved text with a person’s name, initials, date, nickname or even a catchphrase. Take advantage of three font styling options to make your pen more exciting - choose from: Great Vibes, Playfair Display and Lato. Find the perfect personalised pen from our selection below. Choose from an upmarket Parker fountain pen to an everyday Pentel rollerball pen. Add a name and order today!

Parker Ballpoint Pens - £16.99

The Parker Jotter pen is familiar to one and all. Its classic design has stood the test of time and its stainless-steel barrel, retractable, push-button makes it so easy and simple to use. Our Jotter ballpoint pen is available in black, Kensington red, or royal blue; simply add their name(s) within the side engraving area of 4x0.65cm

Pentel Rollerball Pens - £11.99

The Pentel BL407-A line gel-roller is built with a pressure mechanism, and a metal needlepoint of 0.35 mm for thin writing. Designed with an aluminium alloy barrel, choose between blue, pink, silver, mint or purple, then add a name to the engraving area of 5.5x0.65cm.

Parker Fountain Pens - £24.99

This Parker Jotter combines durability and design to give you an excellent quality fountain pen. Made with a stylish stainless-steel barrel, its pen nib is also stainless steel which makes it look and feel like a premium pen. Choose from an elegant black, a bold red, or royal blue, then engrave your new Parker fountain pen on an area of 4.65 x 0.7cm.