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Flower Care

Get the most out of your BEAUTIFUL flowers

Funky Flower Tips...

keep your flowers looking their best

1.Use a Clean Vase

Cleaning your vase is the easiest way to extend the life of your flowers.

Before you arrange your flowers, please clean your vase using warm water and detergent. The inner surface of the vase should be well scrubbed with a dish cloth. Rinse with clean water.

2.Use Flower Food

The enclosed flower food contains the correct ingredients to properly nourish your flowers.

It also helps to keep bacteria at bay, encourages buds to open and lengthens the life of your bouquet.

3.Cut the Stems

Cut 2cm off each stem (at an angle) to allow the flowers the best chance to take up water.

Avoid smashing or piercing the stems, as this can destroy their water vessels and prevent water absorption.

4.Remove Lower Leaves

Remove any lower leaves that will be under the water when the vase is full.

The leaves are a source of bacteria, which can shorten the life of your flowers.

5.Change the Vase Water Frequently

Every 3 days, remove the flowers from the vase and re-cut the stems. Remove any faded flowers or foliage.

Make sure there is no debris in the vase water.

6.Choose an Ideal Location

Please display your flowers away from direct sunlight, heating or draughts.

Avoid placing fresh flowers near ripening fruit, which releases tiny amounts of ethylene gas that will cause your bouquet to die more quickly.